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abso-bloody-lutely CUTENESS

Tuesday, June 8, 2010 · Posted in

Dear my future husband, take a look at this kid,
you gotta sue her for making me wanting a tree of baby girl now.
repeat. a TREE of baby girl.
I really can't wait to dress my babies up.
*nasty chuckle*
and wait, can't believe I think about having babies now.

and you, Mr. and Mrs. Cruise,
did you guys have sex on heaven by that time ?
because i'm really curious,
how on earth your baby girl can be THAT cute.

last but not least, dear cutie Suri, do you know that,
me (and maybe my future babies)
officially envy you (and yes, your closet too) to death.

OMFG. marry me, Eric ! XD

Thursday, November 19, 2009 · Posted in , ,

GEEZ !!!

I am definitely in looooooove with Eric Mongrain !

a friend of mine just told me about Eric Mongrain, and I smacked

on youtube to check this video out.

and. first thang came from my mouth was



this man is definitely ILL !

how in the hell, he can make such a fantastic

melody in that kind o' way ?!

this video is really worth to watch.

I swear in the name of hell ! XD

well, anyway..

I got reviewed (again!) by my chums.

( i swear I didn't insist her to write about me ! >.< )

I have no idea, what's really on her mind.

she posted my pics in any kind of style.

err, I feel so awkward ! LOL

visit her blog


fitting room

Friday, November 13, 2009 · Posted in , , ,

BOO ! it's friday the 13th !
but, who cares ?! hehe
weeeelll, so today I went to the mall
with my lovely chum, Jeanny
and this is what I wore.

from jeanny shirt. DIY acid wash jacket
unbranded shorts. wondershoe shoes
alba watch. roxy bag

then my mom saw my outfit, and she said
"your outfit scared boys out of shit !"
( well, I cut some parts of the jacket, so it
looked kinda rebel and grunge :D

well, I don't dress for boys.
I dress for myself. If I dress for boys
I would just go naked.
note that :p

Then I saw this cardigan, and can't help myself
then i bought it home. hehe..

we spent about 15 minutes
inside the fitting room
just to took some pictures.
uh yeah, girls' fave activities.
taking pic !

and this was edited by my friend, Eros on twitter.
I seemed so goth here. LOL
but me likey !
shanks, man !

well, will leave you with a sweet quote

" Get real!
Someone doesn't like you that way.
You don't have to make them like you, though "


GAWD ! she's 10 !

Monday, November 9, 2009 · Posted in

oh I'm gonna hail Evita Nuh !
look at this cute lil' girl, can you believe that she's still 10 ?
She's one of Indonesian Fashion Blogger, and featured
on several magazines. oh hell, envy her !
She's much talented. she has what we girls
wanted the most. fashion sense.
drawing and photography skill.
phewww !
I feel a lil' bit intimidated, anyway :p
I'm just gonna post some pictures of her here.
you can visit her blog if you want to see further about her.
enjoy !

do tell me, do you envy her ?
I do ! I'm thinking to steal her closet anyway ! :p
You will be the next big thang, Evita Nuh !
oh no, you already are !
proud of you. envy you.

visit her blog


Monday, October 26, 2009 · Posted in , ,

I got a T-shirt [again !] from my besty
well, actually she told me, don't write this down
so, my friend, Jeanot gave me that shirt
she also gave me a raincoat, well. i've been wanting
a raincoat for so long, then she suddenly gave me one.
oh, man ! she's ULTRA KIND ! :D
thanky thanky, darl !

from jeanot Tshirt. DIY acid denim washed Jacket
unbranded legging
. DIY necklace

I'm so thrilled to post this, so i just did some quick editing and drawing :D
well, anyway, I'm now currently addicted to this band :D


they're ubercool, YES ?
anyway, i'm trying to quit my nocturnal life
wish me luck
smell you later, candies

We wanna rock

Thursday, October 22, 2009 · Posted in , ,

Hehe. people might already knew that I'm such a singing whore.
my biggest expense went to that fuckin' addictive place called NAV
Frankly, I'm totally broke. but God always knows what His child's want.
He knew I wanna rock so bad, then he sent me a very good friend named Jeanny
Yesterday was her payday, thennnn.. the rest is history people ! ihiy ..

Local distro Tops. Unbranded Legging. Roxy Bag
Wondershoe Shoes. Random bracelets. Anti-beauty Watch

anyway, we're planning to hit NAVnext week.
join us ? :D

SLURPppriseeee !!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009 · Posted in , , ,

I just got 2 packages these 2 days.
I received my necklace i ordered from Beatnik
their necklace are freakin squikky !

LOL. I'm really sorry, for the words written on my tee :D
I tried to find a plain black T- shirt, so my green necklace can be seen clearly
and this is the only one. hehe

andddd, this watch is from my best mate. BEN.
he sent me this watch. and FYI, he's the owner of JAM-TANGAN.COM
I've been visiting his website thousand times
and hoping one day he'd give me one, since those
watches are way too pricey for me.
and now I got one !
Yippie Ki-yay !!
do visit his website, pals.

thanks SO MUCHHH, Ben !!
again, my happiest wishes for your marriage !

bday gifts

Friday, October 16, 2009 · Posted in , ,

I love gifts ! LOL
well, yesterday was my birthday, so I got
some gifts. take a look at these.

This is a handmade present from my besties, Jeanot
isn't it cute ??
she made a necklace for me, and write 24 quotes
what a sweet present, isn't it ?
she's too kind. LOL

and today, I got a package, and another YEAYness !
my wondershoe just arrived
that shoes really made my day !
that red shoes is from my besties, jeanot

and this one is from my auntie.

nah ! look at this necklace.
this is [againnn] from my besties, jeanot
she knew I want this necklace so bad then she bought me one
I've told you, she's ultra kind !

well, those are my lovely presents.
those stuff really make a great birthday to me.
yeayy !! and thankssss !!

My top 5 fashion blogger

Tuesday, October 13, 2009 · Posted in

Tee - Hee !!
this gonna be my favorite subject to post ! :p
I have a LOT of bookmarked link to those fabulous Fashion blogger
but I really have to pick out 5 from my MOST favorite ones
so sorry :( , but I'm thinking to make it 2 parts,
so I can post about my other fave fashion blogger too =P

1. Hot Chocolate and mint

what else can we say about her ? :)
she's like the goddess of Fashion blogger
every girl looks up to her, following her footsteps.
she is just FABULOUS !

2. Queen bee

Nah ! This is where I'm starting to dig about Fashion blogging.
she recommends a LOT of good online shops in Indonesia.
but too bad, as her movie promotion ends, her blog is no longer active :(
Queenbee, we want youu back !!!

3. Pastel Girl

I can say, this girl is just another brilliant. She is just 13 years old,
she has a good taste of fashion, and she even has her own clothing label !
damn ! what are you made of girl ? :D

4. Versicle

Nah ! I'm thinking to steal her closet ! =P
she's one of the style icon for chictopia
is it too much if i say, she is f.a.b.u.l.o.u.s ??

5. Ad3lle

This is another girl whose closet I'd love to steal !
She dress simply but chic.
ahh.. envy her so much !

They're Ultracool, Ubercool, Supercool
Agreed ?

it's fellas frickin good

Sunday, October 11, 2009 · Posted in , ,

My best mate, Ben is gettin married today. I'm really happy to see him at his wedding party. The wedding was a blast. too bad i didn't bring my pocket camera. The hall was decorated soooo pretty. Happiest wishes goes for both of you, ben and wen. [ it rhymes! don't it! LOL ]
anyway, we also took some picture. yeah, you know girls ! :p

so, i was wearing this today..

Top : mom's closet
Tights: unbranded
Flat shoes : unbranded
Bangles : unbranded

necklace : DIY
Watch : mom's closet

hell yeah, i wore that to a wedding party
I'm not ready for a dress, people !
so sorry :]

well, heading to bed.
catcha later !

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